Basketball’s agriculture connection

By Brandie Piper

Published Nov. 12, 2015 on

Many people know James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891 while working at a YMCA training school in Massachusetts. But did you know the early years of the game have ties to agriculture?

For the first decade or so, basketball players aimed to get the ball into peach baskets nailed to walls on either side of the court. According to History Bits, Naismith’s original idea was to use boxes, but he had trouble finding some. Instead, he used old peach baskets from a school cafeteria.

The baskets still had their bottoms, so each time a basket was made, someone with a ladder had to climb up and retrieve the ball. Eventually, Naismith removed the bottoms from the baskets, which helped speed up the game… [continue reading]

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