Runaway car rescue caught on camera in Missouri

By Brandie Piper

ARNOLD, Mo. – Three people were honored Monday night for a daring rescue of a runaway car in Arnold, Mo., that was caught on a red light camera.

Last month, a woman suffered a seizure on Vogel Road near the Interstate 55 exit ramp.

Zachary Green and Kristin Martin stepped in when they saw the vehicle swerving into the guardrail. They were afraid the car would flip over the side onto I-55.

The pair pulled over and ran toward the car yelling for help.

Don Grimshaw noticed the commotion and was able to position his pickup truck in the way of the vehicle to stop it from heading down the ramp.

“As firefighters and first responders many times we’re asked to go above and beyond the call of duty but that’s our job,” said Ron Harder with the Rock Community Fire Protection District. “But when citizens do it, we feel this is very special and should be recognized.”

All three stayed with the woman until first responders arrived. They each received a Good Citizen Award on Monday night.

Published April 2, 2013 on

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