Screenshot of the front page of USA Today where an article I co-wrote appeared.

I bylined a story on the front page of USA Today's Aug. 18, 2014 edition.

Screenshots of my work sourced on “The Rachel Maddow Show.”photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

The following images were photographed and edited by Brandie Piper.

city garden downtown francis park

10599294_10100198151450420_3069909239969958925_n 995092_10100198419333580_804796251346750715_n 10409091_10100198151600120_4195510315346565849_n 10609685_10100198151505310_8552290583334447991_n 1491653_10100110099127980_5154141638355843925_n 1975024_10100105955871100_2476416353413474945_n 10174818_10100106062048320_7774533846086099972_n 10351234_10100170998724700_3858221592203931671_n 1461057_936086149410_446587293_n 68318_783218846710_1098551884_n

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