The United Crops of America

By Brandie Piper

Published Sept. 14, 2015 on

The United States has a diverse climate and the ability to grow all kinds of crops throughout the country. And while farmers in most of the United States grow a lot of corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton (these crops, called “commodity” or “row” crops, account for almost 240 million acres of the 325 million acres planted to crops), farmers also grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables, from apples to lettuce to pumpkins, and everything in between.

Some states lead in the production of crops that may surprise you. For example, many people associate Georgia with peaches, because, well, it’s the “The Peach State.” But Georgia actually ranks fourth in the country for peach production. Its top crop is peanuts, and Georgia is tied for second in blueberry production. And while Illinois battles Iowa for the top spot in corn and soybean production every year, “The Land of Lincoln” produces the most pumpkins of any state.

Here is a map showing the top produce crop in each state, and below that, you’ll find the list. We tried to stick with fruits and vegetables as much as possible. At the link following each crop, you’ll find more information from the United States Department of Agriculture about the crops grown in each state… (continue reading)

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